Normally when I see idiots in action I lean back and enjoy the show. I don't have the urge to point out their erroneous ways. I'm a firm believer in the philosophy of " fuck around and find out", natural selection and so forth. I also dislike lemming-like crowds, all running one way or another without lifting their heads above the ass level of the guy in front to scan the horizon. I admit to this personality flaw. Furthermore I loath being told something is for my own good by someone like the government, especially when they are holding a cattle prod.
With the COVID mania winding down, the Ukrainans losing, thank God for the Climate Crisis.
Something new to be afraid of .
We now know the Earth will die if the level of atmospheric CO2 goes from 0.04% to 0.045%. Never mind that in the Jurassic when SUVs were rather scarce the level of CO2 was 4.5 times that of today's and life went crazy.
By you walking everywhere, eating bugs, stopping to exhale and installing heat pumps humanity's future is secured. Hurry everyone. Disconnect your gas stoves, buy an electric vehicle, throw out your furnaces, and don't even think about getting a gas boiler.
The government is giving great subsidies if you put all your eggs in the electric basket. They're giving amazing rates for electricity while demonizing fossil fuel miners, distributors and users. All those racist, mysoginistic enemies of the state who refuse to follow the science right into the slaughterhouse must be re-educated.

In the good old stone age liberal arts meant the smearing of blood and other bodily fluids on cave walls. Gender studies were limited to sniffing crotch and grabbing genitalia. Critical Race Theory was figuring ways to run away from lions. Yet even then nobody would follow a leader with however great set of hair, confused teenagers with Asperger's and any other village idiot who ran towards a saber tooth tiger.The ones who did were removed from the gene pool by the afromentioned feline.

Today idiots are shielded from the consequences of their actions by "civilization" and "society". Those still willing and able to think are the ones ultimately paying the price for the follies of the morons. Our insurance goes up, our taxes and blood pressure are raised while the bumbling herds of wide eyed idiots hardly notice a thing.

Mother nature is a bitch though and eventually comes to collect. Let's not talk about what will happen to those who have no backup source of energy like natural gas when the next ice storm wrecks the power lines causing week long outages in January. Don't even mention the certainty of removing all subsidies of cheap electricity and hiking rates into the stratosphere once the Nirvana of Net Zero arrives. Only a conspiracy theorist would talk about that.
Let's just talk about the basic right of any citizen to heat his or her (zir?) home with whatever he wants to, and without government interference. Let's talk about herecy when the free markets and advancements of technologies influence those decisions instead of some degenerate in Ottawa.

Yes heat pumps are a great invention. However, if you want to use them to heat things like water or houses, without government subsidies they cannot compete in places with access to natural gas unless carbon-taxed to high heaven. Heat pumps kick ass when it comes to cooling compared to traditional air-conditioning units so for that reason alone if you need to install a new system go no further.

As a supplemental source of heat they are great. As a stand alone heating system only Greta and Bill Gates would install it (with a giant diesel generator hidden in the shed nearby). The only thing that makes any sense is a gas boiler/heat pump hybrid system with a nice big phase-change heat battery while those juicy government rebates exist.

But then again what do I know? Maybe the bureaucrats know best.