Schuller™ SCH-0001 24VAC Floor Heating Thermostat with Sensor

The SCHTH-001 is a hydronic heating thermostat with an external temperature sensor featuring a 4.3’’ touch sensitive and user-friendly LCD display


  • Radiant     Floor Heating
  • Pulse     Width Modulation
  • Floor     Temperature Control
  • Floor     Temperature Display
  • Backlight
  • Included     Floor Sensor

Thermostat       SCHTH-001 Single Zone Heat       Only
ControlMicroprocessor control. 
Packaged Weight0.97lb(440g)
Dimensions136 x 94 x 26mm
EnclosureWhite PVC Plastic
Ambient ConditionsIndoor use only, 32 to 122℉ (0 to       50℃),       RH≤90%       non-condensing
Power24V AC, 50/60HZ, 1.8va Standby, 56VA max fully loaded,       Class 2
Relay30V 2A, Class 2 circuits
SensorNTC thermistor, 10KΩ@77℉ (25℃±0.2℃) β=3950
Operating range-58 to 140℉ (-50 to       60 ℃)
WarrantyLimited 2 Year


  1. During the installation avoid dropping or otherwise damaging the Thermostat. In case of manufacturing defects please contact your vendor.
ON/OFF Settings                        

   When the thermostat is powered on, it     displays the default information. Press again to toggle it off.

   Temperature     Setting                                  

While     in default display mode, press  or to set the target floor     temperature. After adjusting the temperature, the thermostat will     automatically save the setting in 3 seconds if no other buttons are     pressed. The temperature range is adjustable from 5~60℃ (41-140℉).

   Call for     Heat                       

      1. When the floor’s temperature drops 1℃/2℉     lower than the preset temperature, the thermostat will call for heat and     the display will show: Heat on.

      2. When the floor’s temperature is 1℃/2℉     higher than the preset temperature, the thermostat will stop calling for     heat and the display will change to: Heat off

When the thermostat is OFF: press to enter the configuration interface. Default values and options are below:

NO.ParameterSetting   RangeDefaultNote
000Temperature   Calibration-5~5℃(-10~10℉)0
001Backlight0,100:   OFF               1: ON
002Celsius/   Fahrenheit0,110:   ℃     1: ℉
003Key   Volume0,110:   Mute 1: ON
004Thermostat   ON or OFF after power loss0,1,200:   OFF   1: ON 2: Last State
005Version   No.1010
006Factory   Reset0~25552To reset change to 55 and press 

SCHTH-001 Floor Sensing Thermostat Specifications and Manual

   –   SCHTH-001 Manual.pdf  503.3 kB