Schuller 4-wire Manifold Valve Actuator

Schuller 4-wire Manifold Valve Actuator

The SC-17A-24B is a 4-wire manifold valve actuator for the Schuller hydronic manifolds. It provides individual loop flow control on a multi-zoned manifold.


  • Status Indicator 
  • 4-wire
  • Normally (Currentless) Closed
  • Hand-tight installation onto the manifold.


Actuator       SC-17A-24B  Four Wire Normally Closed
Switch-​on current max250 mA
Operating current75 mA
Operating capacity 3 W
Closing and opening times3 minutes
Displacement 4 mm
Pulling Load 100 N +/- 5 %
Ambient temperature0°C up to +65 °C
Operating range-58 to 140℉ (-50 to 60 ℃)
Weight100 g with cable


Components may become damaged during transportation and storage.

  • Check all parts.
  • Replace damaged actuators.
  • Do not attempt to repair.
  • Mount the actuator so that it is aligned horizontally or facing up. If you align the actuator facing down, its useful life may be shorter due to contamination
Wire on ActuatorUponor Zone Control Module TACO Zone Valve Controller
Blue (24 VAC)R11
Brown (24 VAC)R22
Black (End Switch)Y13
Black (End Switch)Y24


Connect 24 VAC power from a thermostat or zone control module to the brown and blue wires of the actuator. When 24 VAC power is applied to the actuator, it will take 3-4 minutes for the actuator to fully open. When power is cut, it will take 3-4 minutes for the actuator to fully close. A dry-contact end switch is built in to the actuator. When the actuator fully opens, the end switch will close. If required, connect the two black end switch wires to a suitable 24 VAC-powered relay, to activate a device to be operated by the actuator’s end switch. If the end switch is not needed, it is not necessary to use the black wires, and they may be trimmed.